Tamkeen Partners With Bank of Bahrain And Kuwait


The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) signed a new strategic partnership agreement with the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK) in line with the new support programs.

The agreement comes as an addition to strategic partnership agreements announced over the past 2 months with several key financial services providers in Bahrain for the purpose of providing enterprises with diverse options for funding.

Tamkeen established partnership agreements with 9 banks so far with the purpose to drive productivity and growth in the private sector.

H.E. Husain Mohamed Rajab, Chief Executive of Tamkeen welcomed this collaboration with the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, and said: “These strategic partnerships ensure that enterprises of all sizes have access to financing to stimulate the economy and encourage investors to launch new business ventures as well as support growth and expansion goals for established businesses. Financing is a critical component of our support and is a key element to maintaining a robust private sector and empowering it to become the engine of economic growth.”

“This initiative is underpinned by our commitment to achieving these goals in line with Bahrain’s national priorities and the economic recovery plan, and our ongoing efforts to stay abreast of changing market demands. We welcome the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait as a strategic partner for the first time in Tamkeen’s enterprise support programs, and we look forward to seeing the impact of this partnership in driving development and growth for enterprises across all sectors.”