Strentos, AI-Driven Digital Advertising Tool, Launched 

Strentos, First Free AI-Driven Digital Advertising Tool, Launches to Help Businesses Grow Online Sales

New artificial intelligence tech tool for small and medium businesses claims to cut marketing costs and opens new roads to generate awareness, identify online leads and boost sales

Strentos the world’s first free digital advertising planning tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI), launched to help businesses streamline and maximise their marketing dollars online. Formed by a veteran team of media buyers, designers, AI experts and entrepreneurs, the company recognised a critical need: small and medium-sized companies who rely on digital advertising and e-commerce for their survival are forced to rely on expensive media agencies. 

Strentos is a simple, effective, accessible and efficient self-service tool that empowers marketers to develop comprehensive, data-driven, short- and long-term paid media plans that maximise the impact of their budgets and determine the right digital platforms and social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, etc.) to target.

“The vast majority of companies are asking the same questions: How and where can we target customers online? How effective is our spend? Where are the results?” said Strentos co-founder Alex Howe. 

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“They’re frustrated with individual channels’ siloed approach to marketing and with old school media and digital agencies who slap their clients with costly retainers and high commissions and, worst of all, keep them out of the decision circle. We knew there was a better way.” 

The solution, Howe continued, is to create a free tool that identifies the best channels to spend their money on, as well as the most effective strategies to generate sales on each. The result: empowered small and medium companies who will see positive growth and no longer need antiquated media agencies acting as middlemen.