StackAdapt Releases ABM Targeting And Measurement


The B2B solution enables users to target high-value audiences based on account lists and firmographic and persona-level data.

StackAdapt, providers of a self-serve programmatic advertising platform, introduced a self-serve, in-platform B2B solution for account-based marketing targeting and measurement, 

It enables users to target high-value B2B audiences based on account lists and firmographic and persona-level data.

StackAdapt’s in-platform offering operates within a closed-loop identity ecosystem to improve match rates. With full control over B2B data, StackAdapt ABM Targeting and Measurement attributes ad engagement back to the exact same authenticated audiences.

StackAdapt’s ABM Targeting and Measurement helps users in the following ways:

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  • Frictionless campaign creation and reporting directly in the platform;
  • Audience intelligence to understand how business professionals and decision-makers are engaging with campaigns and creatives,
  • Segmenting audiences into more applicable groups that can be targeted;
  • Tracking progress across the buyer’s journey to learn which actions users take at particular stages of the programmatic funnel;
  • Impact on accounts and engagement;
  • Quantifying marketing dollars to show how programmatic can help nurture and drive the ideal audience through a long and complex sales funnel and provide a return on ad spend;
  • Diverse, multichannel inventory through native, display, video, connected TV, audio, and in-game, influencing their customer journey and decision-making process down the funnel;
  • Low-risk activation of campaigns without contractual minimums.

“We are thrilled to provide StackAdapt users this latest offering because they can now launch a highly scalable and measurable ABM strategy through programmatic technology,” said Michael Shang, vice president of partnerships and business solutions at StackAdapt, in a statement. “B2B marketers can create highly targeted, personalised campaigns to win over best-fit accounts and nurture audiences through the B2B buying journey across all devices and different programmatic channels.”