Snapchat Filter Shows Users What They Look Like in the Metaverse 


Snapchat recently released the Avatar lens AR filter that shows users what their digital version would look like in the metaverse. In order to use the lens, users will have to scan the QR code for this filter available on Snapchat’s website.

Avatar lens is the newest filter that shows users their face’s digital version and makes their clothing look more cartoonish. With that, earlier this month, Snapchat also hosted its Lens Fest, which celebrated the app’s use of AR technology.

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The company said that there are already 250,000 lens creators stretching 200 different countries as of the moment. When combined, these creators have been able to make 2.5 million lenses viewed a total of over 3.5 trillion times.

Companies including Snapchat and Niantic take a different stance regarding the metaverse, thinking that augmented reality or AR is better suited than virtual reality.

AR can help users still look like themselves in the metaverse, but as of the moment, they commented that the Snapchat Avatar filter made them look “unrealistic” and as a “Barbie-esque” version of themselves.