Simon Data, Attentive Partner To Enhance Marketers’ SMS Strategies


Simon Data and Attentive launched an integration designed to provide more data and control to marketers’ text strategies.

Now, mutual customers can reach users through SMS powered by Attentive by triggering and personalising based on historical, real-time, and machine learning datasets created by Simon Data. This enables marketers to drive hyper-segmented messages that coordinate across other channels.

The integration allows marketers using Simon Data, a customer data platform, to use behavioural, demographic, and contextual first-party customer data from any source to either segment or trigger messaging from Attentive’s text message marketing solution. Users can create texts natively in Simon Data’s multichannel journey builder.

“By nature, consumers have a much higher expectation for personalisation,and, therefore, the most effective SMS messages are highly segmented and reflect historical and real-time behaviours,” said Jason Davis, CEO and co-founder of Simon Data.

“Attentive has earned its reputation as the gold standard of SMS marketing in part due to their native ability to provide this experience, and we’re proud to be able to support joint customers by offering our data foundation, experimentation suite, and orchestration capabilities.”

This latest update also brings several enhancements, including the following:

  • Real-time personalisation using the latest customer data via Simon’s real-time data refreshes.
  • Greater speed for sending messages.
  • Smart sending, to optimise customer engagement with just the right amount of interaction. De-risk over-communicating to customers by automatically flagging accounts that have received a high volume of messages and skip sending an unnecessary SMS.
  • Extensive scalability based on real-time and historical behaviours across all customer touchpoints (web, email, mobile, etc.) within one platform.

“We’ve built a successful platform that helps our clients deliver highly personalised experiences and tap into consumer behaviours to achieve long-term loyalty,” said Allison Kelly, vice president of partnerships at Attentive. “By joining forces with Simon’s CDP and data capabilities, we are now able to offer more unique touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.”

BARK, the company behind BarkBox, is leveraging Simon and Attentive’s integration.

“To provide high-quality experiences to dogs and their people, we believe that working with best-in-class marketing solutions that can be orchestrated by a single smart hub is essential,” said Ed Walloga, vice president of lifecycle marketing at BARK.

“This is why Simon Data and Attentive have been critical partners for us, and this enhanced integration capability opens all kinds of exciting possibilities for our partnership to grow, helping us to serve our mission: to make all dogs happy.”