Signifyd Launches An App For Stripe


Signifyd, an ecommerce fraud protection company, has launched a Signifyd app for Stripe as part of the new Stripe App Marketplace, providing instant chargeback claims insights directly through the Stripe Dashboard.

The Signifyd App for Stripe means Stripe customers protected by Signifyd’s Chargeback Recovery solution will no longer need to move among digital sites to track chargeback status and request updates on the reimbursement status for claims.

“Stripe’s decision to invite Signifyd into its newly launched app marketplace is further validation of the value we provide for merchants,” said Gayathri Somanath, Signifyd’s vice president of product.

“More importantly, it makes life easier and more efficient for Stripe and Signifyd Chargeback Recovery customers at a time when speed is essential to online success. Merchants simply don’t have time to endure wasted steps in the modern ecommerce era.”

With the Signifyd app, the Stripe Dashboard provides visibility into each chargeback case and chargeback patterns and helps merchants identify issues that could be rectified to reduce chargebacks.