Reddit Launches New Program To Nurture Audio Talent

Reddit launches a new host programme to help it find and nurture top conversational talent in the app.

Reddit is inviting regular Reddit Talk hosts to take part in the program with the lure of rewards like:

  • Your talks being promoted to relevant audiences at the top of Reddit, and being promoted on Reddit’s own social media channels
  • Exclusive Reddit swag, including Reddit hoodies and mics, and a special talk trophy for your Reddit profile
  • Exclusive access to the Reddit Talks community, where you can chat with other hosts and the Reddit Talk product team

Launched last April, in the midst of the brief, Clubhouse-led audio social boom, Reddit Talk enables selected users to host audio group chats within their communities, in order to enhance connection and increase engagement.

Reddit also now enables users to tune into Talks via desktop, expanding access to more users.

Reddit effectively side-steps this issue by only highlighting the chats from the communities that you follow, which could help to increase engagement.

Reddit aims for this new program to find and reward great audio hosts on Reddit.