Quizzes are More Powerful Than Pop-Ups: Report


Riddle announced the release of its Quiz Marketing Benchmarks Report – the data-driven analysis about using online quizzes for marketing, data collection, and audience engagement.

Based on 3.3 billion data points from quizzes built with Riddle in 2021, the report gives marketers clear and compelling evidence that quiz marketing is a valuable and viable way to collect leads and user information through lead generation.

The Quiz Marketing Benchmarks Report is an infographic that provides marketers with the key quiz benchmarks needed to launch and optimise any marketing campaigns around online quizzes, including:

  • 20X better than pop-ups for lead generation: 41.4 per cent opt-in rate for quizzes vs. 1.9 per cent for pop-ups
  • 27 per cent more engagement: visitors stay 3:27 on pages with quizzes vs. 0:54 (global average)
  • 34.2 per cent start rate: 1 in 3 page visitors will interact with a quiz
  • 81.5 per cent completion rate: 4 out of 5 visitors will finish a quiz

“Until now, marketers were in the dark about key performance benchmarks for online quizzes. We’re proud to offer the first in-depth data set for quiz marketers – demonstrating that quizzes, polls, and other interactive content excel at engagement and first-party data collection,” said Boris Pfeiffer, founder and CEO of Riddle.

The report is based on a full year’s data of Riddle’s online quiz maker platform, including:

  • 2.76 billion quiz questions answered
  • 497.2 million minutes of audience engagement
  • 107.6 million leads collected