Quantum Metric Launches Visible


Quantum Metric has launched Visible, a platform that provides users with detailed insights into the customer journey and helps them make actionable decisions based on data.

The Visible platform features session replay, customer journey analysis, business quantification, and interaction heatmaps. It provides metrics, heatmaps, clicks and taps, and conversion data, right from within the Google Chrome browser.

Using a simple bookmark plugin, users can open Visible on any page in their domain with a single click and can move users into the full Quantum Metric platform to find and fix problems.

Top metrics can help users track, monitor, and gauge page performance. Heatmaps, Clicks, and Taps, give a visual representation of customer focus, and Interactions help users see the performance of page elements.

Visible is only available for Chrome right now, but the company says other browser support and a formal Chrome extension are coming soon.