QNTC Implement The First Incorruptible Solution For The Largest Mall Sweepstakes In The World


The Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) partners with HeraSoft and VIAFONE to implement the first incorruptible solution for the largest mall sweepstakes in the world. The sweepstakes chat application, sponsored by QNTC, successfully launched its pilot at the Doha City Raffle, which live streamed on YouTube on April 9th. As part of the Shop Qatar festival, the sweepstakes chat app will soon be rolled out to 11 major Qatari shopping centres in a city-wide raffle draw campaign.

HeraStamp, created by HeraSoft ransomware-proof solutions company, is a tamper-proof timestamp technology. Brand experience, AI Chatbot, and WhatsApp independent software vendor VIAFONE Technologies incorporated HeraStamp into the sweepstakes chatbot application with the objective to secure each raffle ticket earned by shoppers with its ransomware-proof security layer.

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Souffiane Houti, CEO of VIAFONE Technologies, shared, “Security and verifiability are paramount to the success of any sweepstakes game, and we are very pleased to partner with HeraSoft to ransomware-proof the sweepstakes WhatsApp chatbot application that we have successfully launched for the Qatar National Tourism Council.”

Anthem Blanchard, CEO of HeraSoft, expressed, “The unique signature and timestamping technology we provide for the QNTC-sponsored mall sweepstakes chatbot enables the creation of a verifiable record of transactions. If a bad actor tried to tamper with any of the data, the attempt would be exposed. This represents yet another proof point for the diverse use cases that can benefit from the cybersecurity solutions HeraSoft provides.”