Persado Launches Dynamic Motivation

Persado Launches Dynamic Motivation

Persado Dynamic Motivation helps companies transform static online cart experiences into personalised paths to purchase.

Persado has launched Dynamic Motivation, a generative artificial intelligence marketing solution that generates words and phrases personalised in real time for every online shopper.

Persado Dynamic Motivation leverages anonymised web session data combined with Persado’s knowledge base of enterprise marketing language and automated decisioning to dynamically deliver the best words and phrases that motivate each customer.

“Our checkout page historically had matter-of-fact copy asking for delivery address, payment, etc. We experimented with Persado to see if speaking to the customer with more emotive and conversational language, like a store associate would use, would win, and we found, yes it did win,” said Kathleen Jiang, content optimisation program manager at Tapestry, in a statement. 

“We usually see impressive lift in conversion rates and decreases in cart abandon rates. We’ve even identified winning messaging for the Post-Purchase Thank You Page where shoppers are encouraged to make a subsequent purchase. These path-to-purchase campaigns are a great example of how we share learnings and scale optimised content.”

Vibe Martech Fest, Jakarta

Persado Dynamic Motivation helps companies do the following:

  • Transform static online cart experiences into personalised paths to purchase;
  • Present the best-performing words and phrases to each individual based on web session and/or first-party data; and
  • Serve the most impactful content, at the right time, during a customer’s journey.

Beyond the online cart, Persado can apply Dynamic Motivation across the digital journey, including landing pages, website banners and buttons, email, and other uses. 

Persado Motivation AI uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning transformer models to understand intent and create emotion-informed messages to motivate individuals to take action. It is trained on a specialised dataset of real interaction and transaction data from 150 million U.S. consumers, reflecting more than 800,000 structured experiments to measure and refine language, emotional response, and engagement.

“The online cart experience has been relatively static and uninspiring, despite 76 percent of consumers saying they are more likely to consider purchasing from brands that personalise and online cart abandonment rates that average 70 percent on desktops and 85 percent for mobile,” said Persado’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Assaf Baciu, in a statement. “With Dynamic Motivation, Persado applies the power of generative AI with personalisation at scale so brands present the most impactful words and phrases for motivating each individual to engage and convert. We are seeing large retailers capture 3 percent to 5 percent more revenue at this critical stage in the path to purchase simply by personalising cart experiences through words.”