Palantir And AWS Team Up For ERP Suite


Palantir Technologies Inc unveiled its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with cloud service platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be available to all AWS customers.

Palantir’s ERP Suite is optimised to run on AWS to assist customers with data integration and analysis. The suite “has already been adopted by a number of enterprises, including BP and Lanxess, to enable significant cost savings within weeks,” Palantir said in its blog.

Why It Matters: Palantir, a software company that specializes in data analytics, has created a number of platforms, including Foundry and Gotham, that are being used by government bodies and commercial customers as a business solution tool.

The ERP Suite “uses a Palantir Foundry data connector developed for ERP applications to improve data discovery, accelerate the time-to-value of ERP data, democratize workflow creation and drive faster business outcomes,” the company stated in the blog.

What’s Next: Palantir has been working with AWS over the past year on a number of different projects and believes companies that adopt its new ERP Suite will be quick to see results.

“Within two weeks of installing the ERP Suite, BP was able to unlock approximately $50 million in working capital and has the potential to unlock further savings if applied across their worldwide supply chain,” the company said.

The ERP suite is now available for all AWS customers and can be deployed within days.

“We’re excited to be working with Palantir to make this suite of tools available on AWS and to help our customers get to insights faster, unlocking the data they already have,” said Teresa Carlson, vice president, worldwide public sector and industries at AWS.