Omnicom Launches Supply Chain IQ Score


Omnicom has launched the Supply Chain IQ Score, a supply-chain based media activation tool in partnership with Crisp, an open retail data platform.

Powered by Crisp, which pipes normalised data from retailers and distributors into the Omni open marketing orchestration platform, Supply Chain IQ Score gives media planners day-to-day visibility into inventory data at the physical store, digital shelf, and inventory-in-transit levels, enabling media investment to be shifted away from low-inventory products in real-time.

Using the Supply Chain IQ Score, as soon as an inventory issue is revealed planners can leverage two years of sell-through and distribution data from Crisp to find an SKU in the brand portfolio that has high repeat purchase behaviour, healthy inventory, and strong market basket correlation to the low-inventory item. Working within Omni, the team can determine how much spend needs to be redeployed to the alternate SKU to meet performance targets and execute the new buy.

“The Supply Chain IQ Score gives brands the power to quickly, strategically, and effectively move media investment at the speed of sales,” said Marc Rossen, senior vice president of investment and activation analytics for Omincom Media Group North America.

“It flips the historic response to supply chain disruption from pull the spend back to push the spend toward, increasing media ROI and helping our clients meet performance goals despite supply constraints.”

“You can have the best insights, the most engaging content, and a big media budget, but at the end of the day, you can’t sell what’s not on the shelf. Leveraging the combined force of Crisp’s data-delivery technology and Omni’s marketing orchestration capabilities, the Supply Chain IQ Score enables unprecedented alignment of product inventory and media investment, assuring that marketing dollars are sending consumers to what is on the shelf,” said Crisp founder and CEO Are Traashdahl.