NICE and Google Cloud Collaborate To Drive Smarter Digital Conversations

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Integrating NICE’s AI-powered CXone with Google Cloud’s CCAI applications makes human agents, voice bots, and chatbots effective.

NICE announced it collaborates with Google Cloud to address the growing demand for more effective and automated customer self-service systems integrated with traditional contact centres. NICE is integrating its cloud-based, AI-powered CXone customer experience platform – used by 85 of the Fortune100 companies – with Google Cloud Contact Centre Artificial Intelligence (CCAI), a group of APIs that bring the best of Google AI to contact centre use cases. The combination will provide businesses with more sophisticated and efficient ways to engage and help customers across digital and voice touchpoints.

Research conducted by NICE found 84 per cent of consumers are more willing to do business with companies that offer self-service options, but only 61 per cent say companies offer easy, convenient self-service.

Businesses are increasingly incorporating AI to boost customer service capacity, enhance human agent performance and make their conversational self-service options more effective. NICE CXone provides no code/low code integration and consolidated journey orchestration with Google Cloud CCAI to enable intelligent natural language capabilities across various customer journey stages, including self-service bots and agent-facing virtual assistants. This empowers businesses to offer smarter self-service conveniences and AI-enhanced assistance.

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CXone Virtual Agent Hub allows businesses to expand their customer self-service capabilities with easy to integrate conversational bots for voice and chat leveraging Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI. Now, businesses can rapidly integrate Google Cloud Dialogflow self-service bots without any coding while retaining full control of the customer experience.

Deployed in combination with CXone Agent Assist Hub, companies can use Google Cloud Agent Assist to empower their customer service representatives with real-time, automated knowledge support during live chat interactions. Google Cloud reports that contact centres using Agent Assist have seen their agents respond up to 15 per cent faster to chats, reducing chat abandonment rates and solving more customer problems.

“As AI-powered virtual assistants continue to become a more crucial part of the customer service mix, contact centres want flexibility and choice in deploying conversational AI bots,” said Paul Jarman, NICE CXone CEO. “Our collaboration with Google Cloud illustrates our commitment to innovation and integration with leading providers. We’re proud to provide contact centres with the freedom to adopt AI easily and quickly and drive next-gen, digitally fluent customer experiences.”