NexonStar, Snowbell Partner To Use AI Technology In UAE Restaurants


NexonStar and Snowbell Restaurant Management signed an agreement to use NexonStar’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology program, WAVY, throughout all of Snowbell’s restaurants.

Breakthrough advancements in AI technology will now be used in some of the UAE’s most prominent restaurants to enhance the level of efficiency for operations and business management.

WAVY is a new form of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for the franchise and individual owner restaurants that aims to improve productivity and profits based on the analysis of an AI engine that collects data from all parts of a restaurant’s operation.

The two companies have signed an agreement to start implementing the WAVY program in the UAE, to continue sharing their expertise together for better optimisation of the WAVY program, and to cooperate in enhancing the overall efficiency of Snowbell’s management of their various restaurants including Peppermill, Sugar Factory, and Ming’s Chamber.

Through AI, WAVY collects and analyses data through an interactive platform for restaurant owners and managers to ensure that they are operating at the highest level possible, from regular day-to-day activities such as staffing, scheduling, cost-effective manoeuvres and procedures, to even the most acute details such as finding and using the freshest ingredients in the market due to WAVY’s stock and sourcing system.

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Through a microdata collection system that gathers every detail of restaurant operation and management, WAVY’s specially designed and advanced coded AI technology system will calculate and report better effective business practice procedures and improve the quality of service for customers. WAVY is designed into an easy-to-use accessible platform that even includes Point of Sales (POS) information onto an interactive dashboard where employees only input data when needed, and other data is collected through the AI technology that’s infused into the restaurants IT infrastructure.

Deok Won Lee, CEO of NexonStar, said: “We have been looking forward to this occasion and to strengthening our business together with Snowbell. We have been developing the WAVY program for the past 15 years, starting out as a data collection instrument, and evolving into the Artificial Intelligence technology capacity it is today. We’re excited to see Snowbell begin using our system and we’re sure it will be a success.”

“WAVY is specifically designed for restaurants and this will help them to ensure a smooth operation that will cut back excess waste, utilise energy production, recommend, and locate the best ingredients, and even specify which food dish is the most profitable, not just the most selling.”

Deepak Bhatia, CEO of Snowbell said: “Even though food is the backbone of a restaurant’s success, the software we use for operations has become just as important. Data collection is the base that allows us to analyse every detail of managing a restaurant to improve the overall process of its business. With WAVY, we believe it is the best choice to help us achieve a greater success for our restaurants and customers, to complement our commitment to creating memorable experiences through food.”

“With over 27 years in this industry, we are happy to embark on this new journey with NexonStar because we share a mutual belief that we both have this hunger inside of us to do better, to continue developing greater things with each other, and we both understand that there is always room for improvement. Our desire to continue learning makes us confident towards the future.”