MySize Adds Sizing Trends Feature for Ecommerce Retailers


MySize Inc, the developer and creator of smartphone measurement solutions, recently announced its Sizing Trends feature for eCommerce retailers who implement the MySize solution on their sites and apps. The Sizing Trends feature provides unparalleled visibility into shifts in sizing among their brand’s customers and across the industry, giving retailers the opportunity to adjust their size charts to best fit their customers’ needs.

Sizing Trends leverages anonymised, aggregated data from over 100 million customer measurements, along with a brand’s customer specific sizing data to alert eCommerce retailers of trends towards particular shapes, fits, and sizes. The critical visibility into real-world shifts in customer sizing allows brands to readjust their size charts and product tables to provide the ideal fit for customers’ changing measurements. As up to 70 percent of online apparel returns are blamed on poor fit, Sizing Trends provides another tool in eCommerce retailers’ arsenals to preemptively convert costly returns into a boost in sales.

MySizeID empowers retailers to make smarter, AI-backed business decisions, thanks to the rich array of AI-driven actionable insights it provides clients, including user behaviour and conversion rates. The sizing solution utilises retailers’ size charts, product tables, GTIN, descriptions, and other relevant details, alongside MySize’s patented algorithms, to provide online shoppers with a highly accurate size recommendation. The easy-to-use, plug-and-play widget is seamlessly integrated into eCommerce brands’ sites, enhancing customers’ online shopping experience and boosting their engagement levels and confidence in the brand.

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A trusted partner of leading brands including Levi’s, Speedo, and Boyish Jeans, as well as eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Bitrix, LightSpeed and more, MySizeID has been proven to reduce returns by as much as 50 per cent, and increase average order value by as much as 30 per cent.

“People’s bodies are constantly in flux, but that doesn’t mean that they should be doomed to a life of ill-fitting garments. Factors as varied as more time at home during the pandemic and the changing of the seasons can affect our body shapes and measurements. Retailers have a responsibility and an interest in paying attention to trends in customer measurements, so that they can reexamine sizing charts in order to provide the best possible fit for customers,” said Ronen Luzon, CEO of MySize.

“By leveraging data points from our 100 million sizing recommendations, we can provide retailers with the tools they need to gauge whether or not their sizing is the most accurate for their audiences. Not only does size adjustment mean that customers are far more likely to order their correct size, preventing expensive returns and boosting retailers’ bottom lines, it leaves customers with positive feelings towards the retailers, and more importantly, themselves.”

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