MEGA partners With Beamy To Automate SaaS Management


Beamy and MEGA International, recently announced their strategic partnership aimed at fully integrating the SaaS ecosystem. With this complementary partnership, MEGA and Beamy can offer customers significant integrations and synergies between their products.

Aware of the critical risks that the SaaS ecosystem poses to security and regulatory compliance (GDPR in particular), and more broadly of the need to align SaaS ecosystems with organisations’ IT strategy, Beamy and MEGA decided to combine their strength and integrate Beamy’s Discovery SaaS technology with MEGA’s HOPEX enterprise architecture platform.

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“When an architecture team begins its analysis, it begins with a complete inventory of the applications used by the business. Often, a part remains unknown, that of shadow IT, i.e. the part corresponding to SaaS applications hosted in the cloud. This is why it’s important for us to strengthen our solution. Thanks to Beamy, SaaS applications can now be better managed allowing IT teams to save time while considerably reducing security risks,” said Luca de Risi, COO of MEGA.

By partnering with MEGA, Beamy is taking another step forward in accelerating its growth. It now benefits from enhanced visibility with 2000 MEGA customers in Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia. Beamy thus consolidates its position as a benchmark player in SaaS governance, natively integrated into current corporate governance tools.

“We are very pleased to integrate Beamy Discovery into the MEGA offering which will allow us to accelerate our international expansion. This partnership, the first of a strategy of alliance with software players with obvious synergies and strong leaderships in their market, will make it possible to bring even more value to our customers, by being pre-integrated with the governance tools that they already use.” said Andréa Jacquemin, co-founder and CEO of Beamy.

For MEGA, the goal is to maintain its leadership position in enterprise architecture by offering the most comprehensive platform possible and integrating the best technologies on the market.