MediaKits Launches Platform To Help Manage Brands With Real-Time Data

MediaKits Launches Platform To Help Manage Brands With Real-Time Data

MediaKits launched its first of its kind platform for creators to develop a custom media kit online with real-time data and analytics. 

MediaKits plugs into the API’s of all social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, and soon it will be integrating with Spotify, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, SoundCloud, and more. MediaKits pulls real-time data on numbers of followers, engagement rates, audience demographics, songs downloaded, and more that people can use to help position themselves to attract potential advertisers or sponsors.

“We created MediaKits since there was no off-the shelf product that aggregated social media tools and real-time data into a ‘resume’ for musicians and influencers. Our product fills this void helping the creator community shape and tell their stories in a compelling, quick and virtual way so they can build brand value,” explained Kieran O’Brien, the 22-year-old co-founder.

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O’Brien conceived the idea after a friend—a notable automotive industry influencer—asked him to assemble a virtual business card/bio to help his clients hype their various automotive brands and products online. O’Brien thought that creating the kit would be easy, only to discover that no pre-existing applications existed. After building the kit, he saw an opportunity to build an online tool that any social media influencer, blogger or recording artist could use.  O’Brien and his co-founder Casey Adams, a 21-year-old entrepreneur and top business podcast host, combined forces to build an experienced founding team and bring the application to market.

“We are reinventing the resume. This is a platform that gives people more control over their personal brand, enabling them to build a digital resume,” said Casey Adams. “We expect early adopters to be influencers who want better control of their online brand, but this tool has applicability for everyone.”