Litmus Adds Features To Improve Automation And Personalisation Capabilities


Litmus announced new capabilities boosting efficiency and collaboration across the entire email workflow.

Updates include enhancements to Litmus Builder, helping marketers build more impactful emails by enabling faster, easier email creation and adding to their email design system, and Litmus Proof, providing automated reminders and enabling users to review and approve emails with the click of a button — no login required. Additionally, in light of recent data privacy changes, new reliable open metrics in Litmus Email Analytics continue providing actionable insights to marketers.

“The need for automated, personalised, and agile email marketing has never been higher,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO, Litmus. “According to our 2021 State of Email report, over 90 per cent of marketers say email is critical to the overall success of their company. At Litmus, we empower marketers to reach and exceed their overarching marketing goals and drive revenue. These updates help our customers optimise their overall marketing processes and provide customisable, personable experiences at scale.”

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Litmus continues to help marketing teams with:

  • Litmus Proof enhancements: To enable more agile workflows, users have the ability to configure sharing preferences and remove the login credential requirement while still maintaining secure processes. Additionally, with the new automated daily reminders in Litmus Proof, marketing teams can ensure no email is falling through the cracks and no deadlines are missed.
  • Litmus Email Analytics updates: With data privacy protection measures on the rise, these updates allow marketers to move beyond opens and clicks to measure success and use data from their reliable audiences to better inform strategies. Furthermore, Integrated Insights Report combines email performance data from an ESP with subscriber engagement data in a single view, making it easier to create personalised experiences and improve campaign results.
  • New Litmus integrations: New integrations with Adobe Journey Optimiser and Intilery empower customers to build and test emails in one centralised location — eliminating the need to copy and paste code between tools. Additionally, Litmus’ integration with Adobe Journey Optimiser allows users to create automated and personalised, customer journey-based experiences at scale.

“Since we share proofs with many different stakeholders both inside and outside our organisation, ensuring it’s easy for them to provide feedback is a must,” said Jamie Robertson, Digital Marketing Leader, ADI Global. “Automated daily reminders and the ability to leave feedback without worrying about a login will empower our team to streamline and speed up our review process, get emails to market faster, and drive business results.”