Linktree Integrates With Shopify For Quicker Purchase Paths


Linktree, the linking platform, recently announced that it has integrated with Shopify for a streamlined shopping experience.

Linktree users can now launch a Shopify storefront on their Linktree to boost discovery of their latest collections and highlight their holiday promotions to drive more sales.

Through the Shopify integration, creators can seamlessly showcase products of their choice embedded directly into their Linktree, making it easy for visitors to browse, discover, and purchase. Shopify on Linktree grants users straightforward utilisation of the all-in-one commerce platform, facilitating easy management of brands across multiple touchpoints. This functionality allows creators to actively grow and connect to global audiences and will be available for free to all Linktree users.

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“Linktree is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience for creators and Shopify is another iteration of that goal,” said Alex Zaccaria, co-founder and CEO of Linktree“We are excited to welcome Shopify to our ever-expanding list of Linktree functionalities that enable users to streamline shopping, better connect with audiences and ultimately, drive more purchases. Linktree intends to integrate more platforms relied on by creators to monetise and run their online business.”

The new integration with Shopify offers Linktree users a quick and simple sign-in and setup with Shopify, the choice to decide which products or collections from their Shopify to promote, as well as live sync Shopify collections onto Linktree. Users can display six products at a time and host multiple links for different collections or stores.

Stores is the latest in a series of creator-focused efforts for Linktree, enabling quicker paths to purchase for followers and customers. Launched earlier this year in March, Commerce Links is a suite of tools that give Linktree users easy and convenient ways to take payments directly on their Linktree.