Influ2 Introduces Buying Group Engagement Score 


Influ2, provider of the Person-Based Advertising (PBA) platform, launched the Buying Group Engagement (BGE) score that flags meaningful activity across accounts and with key decision-makers.

The BGE score reflects the probability of accounts to engage in relation to Influ2 campaign activity, captures relationships across the entire buying group, and helps B2B businesses coordinate their demand generation, account-based marketing (ABM) and sales activity to match their prospects’ level of engagement across their purchasing journey.

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“Our shift to the BGE score signifies our commitment to buying group marketing. The BGE score helps B2B marketers identify when buying groups are ready to be engaged with, improving the handoff between sales and marketing and enhancing the effectiveness of their efforts,” said Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and co-founder of Influ2, in a statement. “Additionally, the BGE score helps further evaluate the success and impact of their Influ2 campaigns with target accounts and better account for overall performance.”