Firebolt Group Acquires Glimpse Analytics


This acquisition will help Firebolt Group’s goal of providing meaningful data and real-time insights associated with our POS signage and materials.

Firebolt Group, a global smart sign manufacturer and data capture partner for the experience economy, has acquired Glimpse Analytics, an emerging AI analytics and computer-vision-based experience tracking platform for the physical world.

“This acquisition helps us in our goal of providing meaningful data and real-time insights associated with our POS signage and materials,” said Philip Ochtman, Firebolt Group CEO. “We want to provide our customers with true ROI reporting associated with their marketing activations.”

The move to acquire Glimpse Analytics signals Firebolt’s intention to capture a share of the growing behavioural tracking and operations monitoring market for retail, transportation, and service brands. Glimpse leverages a brand space’s existing CCTV to deliver rich insight into over 200 data points centred around customer behaviours, consumer demographics, and the effectiveness of operational activities.

The acquisition of Glimpse Analytics fits into Firebolt’s strategy to become a leader in connected brand artefacts and integrated brand tracking platforms. Firebolt’s earlier purchase of Envisage, a Canadian-based event data capturing platform for enterprise-level brands in 2019, now branded as Iconex™, set the company’s course for entry into the audience and customer insights marketplace. Now with the addition of Glimpse, Firebolt is fully positioned to solve gaps and fractures in awareness, engagement, trial, utilisation, and efficacy for brands operating within the experience economy.

The founders of Glimpse Analytics will remain with the business moving forward, with John Price taking on the Chief Growth Officer role, Kakshil Shah the Chief Technology Officer, Darshika Joshi as Director of Engineering, and Kedar Pataki as Operations Director. David Bright from Firebolt will join as Chief Operating Officer, and Philip Ochtman will take over as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.

“Completing this deal with Firebolt provides us with the financial security, reach, and global support platform to continue our growth trajectory,” said John Price.