Fielo Acquires Gage Marketing Group To Execute Distributed Marketing Programs 


Fielo announced the acquisition of Gage Marketing Group. While Fielo has long been the leader in the Salesforce-native market, Gage’s incentive, distributed marketing, and eLearning solutions will enable Fielo to expand its market to serve customers with heterogeneous and non-Salesforce data architectures.

Gage’s REWARD and EDUCATE products will complement Fielo’s loyalty/incentive program management and eLearning solutions for customers who are running on a CRM from other popular providers such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zoho, Freshworks, etc. In addition, Gage’s distributed marketing automation solution, Gage MARKET, will add a key new product to Fielo’s enablement, learning, and incentive solutions portfolio. Fielo will expand Gage’s distributed marketing footprint to include not only through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), but to address franchises’ and consumer brands’ needs to execute distributed marketing programs through their franchisees and local stores respectively.

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“The combination of Fielo’s and Gage’s enablement, learning, and incentivisation capabilities will equip us to further deliver on our business acceleration promise to customers,” said Sanjay Agarwal, Fielo’s CEO. “While we strive every day to deliver higher revenue performance for Salesforce customers, now, with Gage, we will be able to do the same for non-Salesforce shops.”

Brad Baumann, Gage’s President, added, “We have been impressed by the business results Fielo’s customers get, and look forward to leveraging Fielo’s full-circle customer journey success program, involving marketing, solution engineering, delivery, and education, to expand our market and deliver even greater value to customers.”

Fielo will immediately begin integrating Gage’s operations into Fielo’s core business, including product roadmap, go-to-market, and customer success programs.