Facebook Sets Its Sights On Nextdoor With New Neighbourhoods Feature


Facebook is testing Neighbourhoods, a Nextdoor-like feature that gives you a way to join community-based groups. The company will expand its availability to select US cities “soon,” as well. People started seeing glimpses of an early version of the feature last year, and the social network admitted at the time that it was indeed testing such a tool. Now, Facebook has detailed what Neighborhoods can do for you in a post by product manager Reid Patton. Simply put, the feature is a dedicated section for groups, which can help you connect with the local community and find new places to explore nearby. 

The section will also have a Recommendations feature where you can find suggestions from the community for local places to explore. You can vote on polls for your favourite places and businesses in the area, as well, or check out what others are voting for if you’re new to the neighbourhood.

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Facebook will show a screen reminding you to be kind and inclusive when you join a group. “Make neighbors feel welcome, regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity or ability,” the notice reads. Neighborhoods will have moderators to police posts, and users will be able to report posts, which Facebook could remove if they truly violate the website’s community guidelines.