Facebook Partners on New Program to Provide Digital Skills Training to Minority Communities


Facebook has announced a new initiative, in conjunction with Goodwill Partners and Coursera, that will provide accredited social media ad digital marketing training to over 6,000 job seekers in the US, free of charge, via a new scholarship program.

The program is designed to help people from minority backgrounds to get back to work, and to capitalize on rising opportunities within the digital marketing space.

As explained by Goodwill:

“This new training program is intended to increase diversity, and eliminate barriers to entry in this rapidly growing field of work. As part of Facebook Elevate’s commitment to diversity, the grant will enable Goodwill to offer holistic support to Black learners, providing eligible participants with services including career planning, résumé building and other supports as needed.”

The program will encompass five digital marketing courses, all designed for learners with no prior industry experience, ultimately awarding each participant that follows through to completion with a Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate.

The initiative aims to address a key element of societal impact, and inequality, as a result of the pandemic. 

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Facebook’s State of Small Business research has shown that the COVID-19 mitigation efforts have disproportionately impacted people of colour in the US, with businesses in majority-minority neighbourhoods suffering poorer business outcomes overall, including significantly higher closure rates.

By providing more support for people of colour, who are less likely to have access to such training tools and programs, the initiative aims to be another element in closing the skills gap.

The program will be delivered via Facebook Elevate, Facebook’s community and learning platform