Etisalat by e& Launches Upgraded Internet Services


Digital Internet and Digital Premium Internet will bring transformation for bandwidth-hungry business applications.

Etisalat UAE, branded as etisalat by e&, announced the launch of internet services called ‘Digital Internet’ and ‘Digital Premium Internet’ aimed to address the requirements of the business community to get upgraded and dedicated internet connectivity over a reliable and secure network through a digital platform.

Digital Internet and Digital Premium Internet are offerings that bring transformation beyond connectivity, embedding security and value-added services essential for bandwidth-hungry business applications.

Digital Internet is a managed broadband internet service, while Digital Premium Internet, on the other hand, powers businesses with high-speed, dedicated internet. With an extensive partner ecosystem, Digital internet and Digital Premium internet deliver various security and networking services. The new internet offering aims to create virtualised business environments, resulting in reduced hardware footprints, uptime, and more efficient resource utilisation.

“Today’s businesses thrive on real-time information exchange requiring an infrastructure that supports robust connectivity and communication. The rapidly changing digitalisation landscape has led to an exponential surge in internet traffic. Digital Internet and Digital Premium Internet solutions enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and adopt more resilient business models,” said Oscar Garcia, Senior VP of Business Marketing, Etisalat UAE.

Both these services allow on-demand services and flexibility in choosing security and networking functions. Digital Internet and Digital Premium Internet provide high-speed connectivity, more bandwidth, and security features such as DDoS protection, firewall, and more. Customers can benefit from several value-added services and end-to-end management offered by etisalat by e&, which results in enhanced visibility, better application performance, and business continuity.