EDB Adds New Services For Financial Inclusion For SMEs In The UAE


The Emirates Development Bank (EDB), a key financial enabler of the UAE’s economic diversification and industrial transformation agenda has launched new services that support financial inclusion, including its digital solution for SMEs and start-ups.

EDB has restated its commitment to financial inclusion in the UAE with a range of financial solutions and services that enhance the profitability of the country’s SMEs and startups.

EDB has reaffirmed that it is able to empower SMEs through direct or indirect financing, including a credit guarantee program, offered in partnership with nine commercial banks and through digital solutions that ensure entrepreneurs and business owners are able to access secure, comprehensive, round-the-clock banking services that support their operations.

“There is a clear correlation between financial inclusion and development, and it is critical that businesses, entrepreneurs and SMEs have access to the financing they need to scale, expand and succeed. Under the EDB’s mission to enable the UAE’s economic and industrial agenda, and in line with our commitment to create a supportive environment for business, we offer a patient debt approach with flexible pricing and tailored financing solutions for SMEs, that widen financial inclusion in the UAE. Moreover, our digital banking services enhance the bankability of SMEs– and ultimately sustainability – of this vital sector of the economy,” said Ahmed Mohamed Al Naqbi, Chief Executive Officer of EDB.

“The goals of financial inclusion are also served by our unique evaluation of a company’s eligibility for financing, based on its economic development impact. EDB has developed a proprietary ‘Developmental Impact Scorecard’ that measures the likes of GDP growth, job creation potential, in-country value, economic sector and existing access to finance, on top of the standard risk and profit calculations, enabling the bank to support projects that offer developmental benefits with flexible financing solutions that may not be available through more traditional banking channels.”

EDB has launched new services that support financial inclusion, including its digital solution for SMEs and start-ups, which resulted in more than 1,000 new accounts being created within the first six months of its launch. The digital solution allows SMEs and start-ups to open an account and reserve an IBAN number in a matter of hours, and facilitates access to secure, convenient and flexible digital banking services 24/7. In its first six months, over 1000 digital banking accounts have been registered.