Diesel Labs To Allow TikTok Data Integration Into Analytics Engine


Diesel Labs, the predictive media analytics company producing comprehensive audience insights for the entertainment industry, recently announced that TikTok data will now be integrated into its analytics engine.

It will unlock a new layer of intelligence about the films, TV shows, and more content categories with which audiences are engaging. Diesel is also formally launching the Audience Anticipation Index, a weekly ranking of upcoming titles across the entire media landscape that are likely to garner the largest socially engaged audiences.

This index features insights which have yet to be explored by other companies, providing revolutionary measurement of audience attention and awareness of upcoming title releases.

Diesel Labs’ predictive analytics solution pulls audience engagement data from a variety of different social media channels including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and now TikTok. This intelligence is further augmented with content development information, schedules, audience ratings, demographics, affinities and more to produce a 360 degree view of audiences.

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“We are continuously evaluating the importance of emerging data sources,” said Anjali Midha, CEO and Co-Founder of Diesel Labs. “With a billion active global users, it’s clear that TikTok ranks among the most important environments that audiences are using to express their interest in and reactions to media content.”

Diesel’s Audience Anticipation Index, fueled by TikTok and other social media data, will be published regularly to inform both consumers and the greater media industry of which upcoming titles are gaining popularity pre-launch in the current media landscape.

“With the volume of content releases growing rapidly, it’s more important now than ever to measure and understand audience attention to and awareness of key launches or pieces of content,” Midha said. “Insights from our Audience Anticipation Index can help drive and refine release schedules, marketing spend, planning and more.”