Corning International Launches New Glass Composition To Advance AR/VR


Corning Incorporated announced the launch of a new glass composition to advance the development of augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) diffractive waveguides for wearable devices.

Optical advancements inherent in the glass take the augmented reality experience to the next level through larger, clearer digital content that creates more engaging and immersive user experiences.

Corning’s Advanced Optics business efficiently delivers high-quality glass that has been designed, measured, and cut to meet precise customer needs with unique end-to-end solutions, enabling advancements in the AR/MR market for nearly a decade. The new 2.0 high-index glass joins the company’s AR/MR portfolio, which also includes high-index compositions of 1.8 and 1.9.

“Our new 2.0 high-index glass illustrates Corning’s commitment to delivering advanced glass solutions for augmented reality applications,” said David Velasquez, vice president and general manager, Corning Advanced Optics. “Our technologies bring the detail below the surface to life. Over the next several years, through new glass compositions, supporting capabilities, and innovative solutions, Corning will help enable the adoption of AR into our daily lives.”

This expertise enabled the company to be first to market with ultra-flat, high-index glass wafers for top-tier consumer electronic companies pursuing AR/MR waveguide devices.

“These headsets require very precise, very flat glass in the eyepiece for a wide FOV and superior image quality, and our extensive knowledge of glass allows Corning to drive innovation in this application space,” said Velasquez.