Cloudinary Integrates with Shopify


Shopify merchants can automatically create better CXuser experiences for their customers without the heavy lifting required for managing visuals at the scale.

Cloudinary integrated its media optimisation platform with the ecommerce platform Shopify.

“We know that delivering a fast and flawless digital experience is crucial for any business selling online,” said Gary Ballabio, vice president of technology partnerships at Cloudinary, in a statement. “In today’s visual economy, visual media plays an increasingly important role in a seller’s ability to connect and engage with customers and can make or break the experience if not managed and delivered in the most optimal way possible. With Cloudinary, Shopify merchants can automatically create better user experiences for their customers without the heavy lifting that otherwise comes with managing visuals at the scale required to compete.”

The Cloudinary integration provides Shopify merchants with the following:

  • Across customer touchpoints and stores, seamless media workflows for editing and publishing content.
  • Video compression.
  • Image editing capabilities for resizing, cropping, and transcoding, using content-aware artificial intelligence to fit any design or layout.
  • Intelligent, automatic image optimisation delivers the smallest file sizes at the highest quality based on browser, device, and geographic location.
  • Support modern file types, including AVIF, video codecs including VP9 and HEVC, and video formats such as WebM.
  • No-code, customisable product galleries that automatically optimise images, thumbnails, and videos to accelerate page load speeds.
  • It provides automatic responsiveness based on screen resolution.
  • One can upload all product images, videos, and metadata into Cloudinary.