Cloudapps Launches AI Sales Prediction Platform Sensai

Cloudapps, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered sales technology, has launched Sensai, a deep-learning AI sales predictions platform.

Cloudapps Sensai is compatible with any CRM platform and helps sales teams optimise operations, inform sales insights, and predict deal outcomes. It offers a personalised sales process and flow created for every opportunity. The app also helps reps visualise the best next step toward closing deals.

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“The new year brings ambitious new sales targets for enterprises, and Sensai is helping them ensure every sales professional is equipped with the tools and insight to not only meet but even exceed their quotas,” said Andy McDonald, CEO of Cloudapps.

“With its unrivalled accuracy, the tool empowers the salesforce to forecast deals and focus efforts on the most profitable areas, improving sales productivity and performance, increasing win rates, and ultimately improving the bottom line.”