Claritas Consumer Data Now Available on Narrative’s Data Streaming Platform


Narrative, the Data Streaming Platform that makes it easy to buy and sell announced a partnership with data marketing firm Claritas to make its consumer data available to marketers on the Narrative platform.

Claritas provides marketers with actionable insights into consumer behavior patterns through its proprietary Claritas Identity Graph, which ties together 5 billion data points monthly to digital behaviours and devices. The Claritas Identity Graph connects over 255 million consumers to over 800 million devices. This gives businesses the ability to build high-def, privacy-safe profiles of consumers to engage with, and the best ways to do it, all of which are critical to delivering higher ROI.

Marketers using Narrative’s Data Streaming Platform will be able to source, evaluate, buy, process, and activate the Claritas datasets within hours. In addition to gaining access to Claritas consumer data points, marketers benefit from the transparency, automation, and control over their data acquisition process that Narrative’s tools deliver — helping them increase speed to market, save money, and reduce the risk that stems from dealing with data brokers.

“Partnering with Claritas is another step forward for Narrative in helping businesses access unique points of data,” said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. “Coupling our Narrative Data Streaming Platform’s transparency, automation, and control with Claritas’ data and proprietary identity graph, marketers can quickly and easily find their best prospects, and improve their marketing execution — all while eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions that typically slow them down, cost money, and expose them to undue risk.”

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“This partnership is an exciting one for Claritas across multiple fronts,” said Chase Miller, EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development. “As a leader in helping marketers understand their best customers and prospects with more granularity than ever before, combined with enabling powerful multi-channel engagements, it’s critical that the marketing community has a seamless way to access the depth and breadth of data and insights we have. Narrative’s innovative data streaming platform makes it easy for marketers of all sizes to do just that. We’re thrilled about this announcement and looking forward to where this partnership goes next.”

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The platform allows those looking to acquire data to discover new data sources, merge datasets, contract, price, pay for and fulfill data transactions with complete control and transparency. 

  • Demographics: Age, income, education, household composition, wealth, and homeownership.
  • Lifestyle Behaviours:  Shopping, financial, insurance, technology, media, and energy.
  • Multicultural Behaviours: 30MM households, 130MM consumers, ethnicity, acculturation, language at home, lifestyle, and consumer behaviors.
  • Purchase Behaviours: Tech adoption, device ownership, service provider, likelihood to switch, restaurant & retail preferences, media consumption, financial (wealth, credit indicators, products, home value, etc.), and automotive.
  • Business Data: Comprehensive data includes demographic and employee counts for prospect list creation, segmentation development, and sales territory optimization.
  • Segmentation: Understand more about your customers and find high-value prospects with the industry’s most adopted segmentation solutions – PRIZM Premier, P$YCLE Premier, ConneXions and CultureCode.
  • Profiles and Audiences: Utilise more than 8,000+ behaviour-based profiles and audiences to reach consumers most likely to buy or use specific products or services.
  • Identifiers: Email, postal address, digital IDs, social IDs, mobile app IDs, IP address