CallMiner Introduces Workforce Intelligence Capabilities To Elevate CX


New and expanded features include call and screen recording, video playback, after-work automation and quality forms to complement automated scoring

CallMiner, a provider of conversation intelligence to drive business improvement, announced new and expanded workforce intelligence capabilities to help organisations improve the performance and experience of contact centre and customer service agents, aimed at driving positive customer experiences and business outcomes.

Forrester states, “Being a contact centre agent has never been more difficult. Call volumes have increased, and while bots are taking some of the heat, that leaves the toughest calls for your agents to handle…Contact centres that don’t focus on improving the agent experience will suffer far more than those that do.”

With CallMiner, contact centre leaders can more effectively address common agent challenges and pain points, such as eliminating mundane, repetitive tasks or using real-time alerts to guide them to the best outcomes, which helps them experience greater success and satisfaction in their roles. Further, supervisors are empowered to focus on the tasks and data-driven training that elevate the quality of their entire agent base.

The CallMiner platform enables organisations to increase agent retention and improve customer experience through this combined workforce intelligence capabilities. This includes:

  1. Quality assurance and performance management: CallMiner offers call and screen recording alongside a broad range of integrations, including with contact centre as a service (CCaaS), video conferencing, and email and chat providers. Through CallMiner Screen Record, supervisors can better assess how efficiently agents navigate support screens and apps and identify specific activities that may be leading to extended silence or unnecessarily longer handle times. In addition to AI-powered automated performance scoring, CallMiner delivers quality forms and smart audit lists, which empower supervisors to find the right interaction to review in a manual or hybrid quality assurance (QA) scenario. Further, coach-to-agent workflows, closed-loop performance insights, and direct agent feedback make it easier to drive sustained improvements for supervisors and agents.
  2. Agent assistance and experience: CallMiner’s new pre-built solutions reduce after-wrap time and effort through automated call dispositioning and call summarization, enabling agents to focus on delivering the best customer service and not post-interaction administrative work. Further, the real-time module enables supervisors with in-the-moment monitoring capabilities to flag notable coaching moments. Agents receive real-time guidance and next-best action, particularly for complex customer needs, helping reduce agent anxiety and expedite onboarding. A new CallMiner employee wellbeing solution also helps supervisors understand how front-line agents are being treated by customers and prospects, including gauging employee sentiment and identifying at-risk agents.
  3. Contact centre operational improvement: CallMiner’s powerful analytics and automation make it easier to reduce call volume by improving visibility and engagement across channels. Organisations can optimise average handle time (AHT) by measuring acoustic signals for silence and tempo and identifying root-cause for repeat contacts. Analysing the interaction journey and common contact drivers, combined with short average handle times, identifies opportunities for call deflection, channel optimisation, self-service and informs virtual agent development, allowing agents to focus on the most important interactions. With the insight provided through automated contact dispositioning, organisations can optimise workforce planning based on-call drivers and volume analysis.

“For today’s customer-centric organisations, it’s critical to deliver the best experiences possible at every touchpoint – and the best way to achieve this is with high-performing and highly engaged agents. This is easier said than done, considering the high number of remote agents in today’s workforce, rising agent attrition rates and competition in the labour market. Combining this with the increasing complexity of interactions being handled by agents as routine contacts move to self-service or bots has created the perfect storm,” said Scott Kendrick, VP of Strategy at CallMiner. “The combined workforce intelligence capabilities within the CallMiner platform make it easier for organisations to retain agents for increased tenure, elevate new agent performance faster, and empower their contact centre supervisors, agents, and teams with the right tools to drive positive business and customer outcomes.”