Adds LLMs To Its Conversational AI

The new update will take advantage of generative AI to suggest messaging content to AI trainers within the platform., a conversational artificial intelligence solution provider, launched Version 12 of its platform with new large language model (LLM)-enriched features for content suggestion, content rewriting, and accelerated generation of training data.

The new update will take advantage of generative AI to suggest messaging content to AI trainers within the platform. integrates the predictive capabilities of LLMs with control of their conversational AI platform, creating what it calls a Hybrid Natural Language Understanding (NLU) system weaving together the right AI components for each task.

With a Hybrid NLU approach, companies can combine’s intent management, context handling, and dialogue management solutions with LLM-enriched tools.’s intent engine is trained with guardrails in place to help guide the LLM, increasing overall accuracy and reducing the number of false positives. The chatbot can answer inquiries and provides a development path that radically enhances how customers can build scalable customer experiences for chat and voice.

“With our Hybrid NLU, we’ve been able to surpass the performance of either model on its own, providing our customers with the best of both worlds,” said Lars Ropeid Selsås, founder of, in a statement. “ will continue to operate at the cutting edge of AI possibility, refining our platform so that our customers are always receiving the best possible technology and service.”

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“LLM technology offers great promise, but most applications just aren’t properly designed to securely and scalably support real-world businesses. With worries about accuracy or even inappropriate behaviour, established institutions like banks could not risk direct access to this iteration of generative AI until now,” said Jerry Haywood, CEO of, in a statement. 

“By pairing LLMs with our conversational AI, we’re able to ensure accuracy and open the door for customers in sensitive industries like financial services. We’re proud to be pioneering a way forward for businesses to harness this tech right now. It’s available for customers to use and enhance their existing solution and to help them achieve speed to value significantly sooner while minimising the risks currently dominating headlines.”