Bluescape Launches Popsync For Image Search Experience


Bluescape announced the launch of Popsync, a collaborative image search and curation experience that allows users to create with free and premium images from across the web within their Bluescape workspace.

In one search, anyone can quickly view multiple libraries at once, including exclusive agency partnerships with Getty Images, iStock and Unsplash, along with Google Images and more, combining speed and creativity like never before.

“We are constantly striving to make our content more accessible to our customers where and when they need it and are thrilled to team up with Bluescape to provide creatives with a seamless and fast way to collaborate using visuals,” said Peter Orlowsky, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development for Getty Images.

“Popsync is a powerful way to search that brings millions of our premium images directly into a Bluescape customer’s hands, helping them to explore ideas faster than ever before.”

“Images are the universal language, and Popsync represents a new frontier in image search,” said Peter Jackson, CEO of Bluescape. “Gone are the days of searching for images in a dozen different places. With Popsync, you only search once, and your results are immediately available to share or use in a Bluescape workspace.”

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Popsync takes advantage of Bluescape’s visual collaboration capabilities, allowing content creators, designers, educators and more to search for the right picture and share a wide variety of content for collaboration. Once the results are presented in Bluescape, individuals and teams can collectively move, annotate, and present the visuals for anything from brainstorms to creative reviews.

Whether it’s an artist creating mood boards or an advertising team searching for the perfect picture for a logo, teams can quickly find and discuss the content they need for the job. Bluescape presents illustrations, photos, and videos all in pixel-perfect detail, making it a favourite for creative teams.

“Popsync does in seconds what used to take days,” said Zak Noyle, Co-Founder and Creative Director at creative agency Eleven 17. “We build a lot of storyboards for clients and spend hours scouring the internet for high-quality photography. It’s a pain in the neck, usually, to find the exact lighting or scene I have in my mind. Popsync opens a whole new world. Searching for images this way and seeing all our options in one collaborative space will simplify the entire workflow.”