Bluecore Launches Predictive Text Message Marketing for Retail


Bluecore, the retail technology company that transforms casual shoppers into lifetime customers for the world’s retail brands, announced the launch of Bluecore Mobile.

The company that previously replaced blast messaging with 100 per cent personalised communications on email, digital ads and ecommerce sites is now doing the same on mobile. For the first time ever, brands can activate their data to put the right messages and recommendations in front of every individual shopper through text.

Mobile devices are the bridge between digital and in-person interactions, but communicating with shoppers through mobile messaging is still a new frontier for most retail brands. While mobile traffic and engagement are increasing, conversions are lagging. This is due in part to the fact that shoppers have a low tolerance for irrelevant notifications from brands, especially when receiving them in this highly intimate—but potentially invasive—mobile context. Yet, brands and retailers are still sending mass (one-to-many) messages—an approach that is at odds with shoppers’ expectations that the brands they engage recommend products and offers specifically for them.

Bluecore’s shopper-first approach to mobile marketing is an alternative to the growing number of point solutions that specialize in sending undifferentiated SMS/MMS messages to large customer lists. Also unlike existing solutions, Bluecore Mobile can leverage text messages only when the platform predicts mobile to be the channel most likely to engage or convert shoppers.

Bluecore Mobile is an extension of the company’s core retail AI model, which acts on live shopper and product signals (or activity) to deliver precision messages to shoppers, no matter where they are, in the moment they need them. With an unparalleled understanding of constantly shifting shopper behaviours and live product catalogue data, Bluecore enables retailers to deliver the same types of personalized and predictive messages on mobile that shoppers receive in emails, on-site communications and digital ads (think: abandoned cart, back-in-stock, price drops, category affinity).

“Shoppers have the same wants, needs and preferences, no matter where they engage with brands, but their experiences are often fragmented as they move from channel to channel,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “We’ve set out to solve for this by focusing on shoppers instead of the channel they’re on. Our mobile solution is the newest addition to the larger ecosystem we’ve built to make personalized, shopper-specific messaging ubiquitous across every channel where brands are connecting and building relationships with shoppers. This results in more personal experiences that have shoppers coming back for more.”

Bluecore Mobile™ is ultimately another lever within the Bluecore platform to increase the metrics that result in growth for retail brands: first-time purchases, repeat purchases and customer lifetime value. This approach spans the mobile environment and all other digital channels where more shoppers are discovering, evaluating and buying products.