Bahrain And KSA May Integrate Digital ID Verification System


An integrated system will allow Bahrain and KSA citizens to access each other’s national platforms when visiting their respective countries.

Bahrain’s Information & e-Government Authority (iGA) and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), along with the Secretariat General of the GCC, discussed and followed up with regards to the GCC Smart Card Technical Team and discussed cooperation in IT.

Discussions are part of the GCC efforts to promote technology integration among Gulf countries.

Deputy CEO of the Electronic Transformation at IGA, Dr. Zakariya AlKhajah, and Saudi’s Director of Public Security and head of the GCC integration team, Brigadier Hamad bin Ali Al Harbi participated in the meeting. AlKhajah showcased the experience of Bahrain’s eKey service and system, used by over 611,000 beneficiaries giving them access to 153 services.

Bahrain is considering the inclusion of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and the facilitation of eSignatures.

Conversations also included accelerating the integration of Bahrain’s and Saudi Arabia’s ID verification systems. This project would be the first phase of a larger Secretariat General plan to connect the designs of all GCC countries.

The benefits of an integrated system include allowing Bahraini and KSA citizens to access each other’s national platforms when visiting their respective countries.

Bahrain citizens could use Saudi Arabia’s Unified National Platform using the same vital usernames and passwords they use in Bahrain without creating new accounts when visiting Saudi Arabia. The same would apply to Saudi citizens in Bahrain. Saudi citizens could use their Identity Authentication system to access Bahrain.

It would help streamline commercial and investment procedures between the two countries, allowing users to carry out online transactions using a digital ID without the need for Bahraini investors to visit Saudi Arabia or vice versa.