aytm Launches Agile Shelf Test For Enhanced Shopping Experience


aytm (Ask Your Target Market), the consumer insights platform has announced the launch of their state-of-the-art Agile Shelf Test.

aytm’s Agile Shelf Test simulates in-store and eCommerce shopping experiences, allowing respondents to interact with products and make purchase decisions. Brands can now get the feedback they need to drive product innovation and marketing excellence without the costs associated with in-store product testing or unsuccessful product launches.

This latest innovation from aytm allows for faster survey design, programming, and analysis—significantly reducing the overall time to insights from weeks to hours.

Immersive Real-World Shopping Experiences

This new Agile Shelf Test allows researchers to easily upload product images, information, and pricing—presenting respondents with a photo-realistic shopping experience. It also comes with a growing library of pre-built shelves that can be utilised to save time, offering multiple renderings of shelf configurations for stores like Target, Walmart, and Costco, and more.

With the release of aytm’s Agile Shelf Test, quantifying consumer purchase behaviour in an authentic shopping environment has become far more accessible—empowering researchers to discover more actionable insights while spending less time and money.

“We put our heads together to design an Agile Shelf Test to solve the timely challenges of a moment, and to meet the timeless needs of a growing industry; to reimagine a tool that empowers insights seekers around the globe on their way to increasing the market share and optimising online and offline shopping experience,” said Lev A. Mazin, CEO & Co-founder at aytm.

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Automation Empowers Agility

The Agile Shelf Test meets researchers’ needs by leveraging automated, yet flexible programming to reduce manual entry and deliver critical shelf placement impact testing. Users simply add their products to the shelf; our auto-flow mode automatically sets product facings just how they want the audience to see them. To specify exact order and mimic a planogram, users can tap into simple aytm logic.

Agile Shelf Test also uses automated analysis to address key questions, including purchase intent, purchase volume, purchase amount, attention span, and time spent finding the product.  This approach empowers more actionable insights surrounding customer purchase behaviour, making it the most advanced on the market.