Aprimo Partners With PathFactory For Comprehensive Marketing Solution

This partnership will allow their customers to elevate their brand experience and accelerate revenue by delivering engaging, AI-driven content engagement insights that effectively connect with audiences.

Aprimo, a provider of digital asset management and content operations solutions, announced a partnership with PathFactory, a B2B content intelligence platform, to provide a comprehensive solution for managing and optimising the entire marketing process. 

“Our new partnership with PathFactory is a game-changer for content planning and delivery,” said Erik Huddleston, CEO of Aprimo. “By leveraging PathFactory’s cutting-edge data and AI capabilities, we’re helping businesses connect with their customers in a way that’s more engaging and efficient than ever before. Our streamlined solutions will enable companies to deliver the most up-to-date content that resonates with audiences based on behavioural engagement, resulting in a more intuitive and enjoyable customer experience, leading to more meaningful interactions with brands.”

The new partnership brings together Aprimo’s expertise in content operations with PathFactory’s focus on content optimisation and measurement to provide an all-inclusive solution for businesses to deliver better experiences, qualified leads and increased revenue.

Key features of this integration include:

  • Building intuitive customer journeys at an increased velocity by consistently engaging customers in real-time with highly curated and relevant content directly from the digital asset management (DAM) solution
  • Driving efficiency and scale across channels with an easy-to-use interface and search capabilities that streamline strategy, easily-accessible brand assets, workflow and campaign planning
  • Enabling data and AI-driven decision-making by giving businesses valuable insights into their customers’ consumption behaviour – allowing companies to make informed decisions about their content strategy, track and iterate upon it, and ultimately drive better, quicker results

The collaboration further offers customers AI-powered analysis of all content, driving meaningful metadata and enabling contextually-relevant recommendations based on the target audience’s interests and behaviours. The solutions will also eliminate the need for manual updates and audits of assets, as any changes made in Aprimo will be seamlessly pushed across all experiences in flight within PathFactory. This will save companies time and money while maintaining governance and empowering self-sufficiency throughout the full content creation process.

“As a global health service company, Cigna needs to deliver personalised and relevant content to our customers while ensuring brand consistency across all channels,” said Jonathan Larose, Marketing Operations Technology Strategist, Senior Advisor, Cigna. “With PathFactory’s content intelligence and Aprimo DAM’s centralised asset management, we can provide the right content to the right person at the right time, all while maintaining the integrity of our brand. It’s a powerful combination that allows us to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers with speed and efficiency.”

“Today’s marketers face the challenge of delivering the hyper-personalised experiences that buyers demand at the speed they expect,” said Dev Ganesan, CEO and President of PathFactory. “The combined strengths of Aprimo and PathFactory solve this problem by providing an integrated approach to content creation and management, insights, and activation – delivering both speed and results for companies to meet and exceed those expectations.”