Alterable Launches Email Marketing SaaS To Optimise Email Campaigns


Alterable announced the launch of its email marketing SaaS, which allows marketers to change emails even after they have been sent.

It is affordable to small businesses and provides a competitive edge over large corporations with big budgets. Matthieu Fauveau, the founder of Alterable, recognised an opportunity when he observed that existing companies providing real-time content email personalisation were building their offers for large corporations, leaving smaller businesses on the sidelines of innovation.

“Our mission is to assist small businesses in conquering the last frontier of email marketing,” he said. “Apart from large corporations, it turns out that not many businesses use real-time content, even in 2021. Now, they can use Alterable to incorporate real-time content email personalisation in their email campaigns, using a simple and cost-effective SaaS.”

Real-time content email personalisation is beneficial for daily deal websites, marketers, publishers, and anybody else who maintains email contact with a customer.

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For example, a daily deal website can include a countdown timer in an email to promote a sale event. A brand can provide a map of the nearest brick and mortar locations to drive more foot traffic to its stores. An eCommerce site can display only relevant products in their emails to drive more sales.

The platform provides a growing number of services for enhancing the interactivity of emails, allowing marketers to communicate more personally and stand out from the competition.

Fauveau said, “Customers may integrate Alterable within a few minutes and immediately gain access to the services they need for creating their real-time content blocks, such as countdown timers, local maps, dynamic images, and products. Alternatively, more seasoned developers can request access to Alterable’s API to leverage it for further integration.”

Alterable is not dependent on any email service and works with all the major ESP, as it only delivers real-time content blocks within the email using an HTML snippet. “You can paste that snippet into your email, wherever you want the Alterable powered content to appear, and send it out normally through your email service provider,” explained Fauveau.

Using Alterable, businesses can leverage data collected the instant an email is opened, such as local time, recipient’s location, device, and other metadata, to optimise their email campaigns and lift click-through rates and conversions.