What Facebook Taught us During Ramadan 


Facebook IQ commissioned a survey of 17,758 adults across Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE. Here is what it taught us 

Learning’s from Facebook’s Ramadan: This is the Joy of Discovery extends far beyond the Holy Month. This Ramadan season, people will want to come together, whether virtually or socially distanced, to share the joy with loved ones. And despite inevitable differences to years gone by, we will see the emergence of new discovery and shopping behaviours. How do we go beyond the pandemic and the restrictions to tap into something on a far more ethereal and emotional level?

Here’s what we learned from the guide;  

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Where Ramadan/Eid shoppers discover ideas, research and purchase items. Courtesy – Facebook Ramadan Marketing Insights and Recommendation Guide

Focus on the mobile experience 

Mobile is seen as the safest option for those shopping, thanks to the contactless interface. Moreover, mobile is a meaningful platform that helps connect with others. Can marketers combine these two activities to make shopping a social experience, as it should be, even while in lockdown? Mobile has changed the way people shop, live and connect. 

Businesses can use Instagram and Facebook to offer ideas to reduce their workload for those who have too much work during Holy Month.  

Social media stories across all Facebook family apps, allows people to communicate with each other in creative ways. Business can get the opportunity to connect with people on stories ads across Messenger, Instagram and Facebook, where people spend their time consuming and sharing content. 

  • 42 per cent of the people have spent less time shopping in stores 
  • 51 per cent have spent more time shopping online due to Covid-19 
  • 3x more people feel safe using mobile while shopping as compared to in-store

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Facebook suggests: Creating a frictionless experience 

  • Lay the foundations for a simple shopping experience – with Facebook pixel, Commerce, Shops and Instagram Shopping. 
  • Connect with shoppers who have expressed interest in your products (or similar ones), and inspire them to buy automatically with dynamic ads. 
  • And if you have physical locations? 
  • Promote contactless collection – via Click & Collect/Curbside – within messaging and ads. 
  • Keep your audiences broad to allow the delivery system to optimise efficiently

Create avenues for social conscience 

According to the Facebook Insight data, 91 per cent of people have contributed to a charitable activity during Ramadan. Whereas, 78 per cent have engaged in activities to support local businesses, 75 per cent of people are in favour of brands giving back during Ramadan while 60 per cent of them became interested in a brand after knowing about their business practices. 

This is helpful for brands as it can drive great business results, by simply sharing online about how they have helped in supporting the community through the pandemic. 

Businesses can connect and support communities that directly align with their values and mission. 

Facebook suggests: Become a partner in doing good  

  • Adopt a hyperlocal strategy in media planning and messaging. Adapt to the various ways in which people in different countries and towns prefer to give back and show support
  • Encourage people to give directly in their community, by using Facebook and Instagram’s fundraising and donation features. You’ll also be able to raise awareness and support for the causes your business cares about. 

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Showcase deals to price-savvy browsers

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made consumers more price-sensitive, and hence they look for more possible discounts and bargains. Three out of four respondents in the UAE look to discover more bargains during Ramadan and Eid. 

This applied to daily necessities like food and beverages, along with gift items and clothing, making big sales all the more important during Ramadan. The research also shows that 60 per cent of the respondents said they use the Facebook Platform for research, inspiration and to discover new shopping ideas.

Facebook suggests: Help them find their tribe 

  • Brands can make the most out of it, by strengthening the mega sales in new creative ways with the help of Facebook and Instagram stories. 
  • Showing support through brand partnerships can also be helpful, with the use of collaborative ads to promote local as well as global brands.