Get Maximum Value from Your Martech Stack


We spoke to five industry experts about prioritising elements of the Martech stack to deal with the changing martech dynamics

Re-prioritise for a digital-first environment

Karan PatelKaran-Patel, Head of Marketing & Commercial – Etisalat Information Services.

It’s imperative to understand brands’ business objectives, their challenges, and their plans to mitigate them. They must also revisit their current martech stack and understand what is working and what is not. Based on the initial analysis backed by data, the next course of action should then be recommended. 

Make sure stacks talk to each other

Lays-BammesbergerLays Bammesberger, Senior Account Executive, Meltwater, South Africa

It is vital that you not only focus on correct tools for correct tasks, but ensure the tools can speak to each other. That’s the biggest challenge that marketers have today. It requires a lot of research, insights, and knowledge sharing for your stack to speak to each other.

 Measure ROI to maximise impact

Umesh Agarwal, Ex-Regional Project Manager, Axiom Telecom.

Umesh-AgarwalMeasuring ROI consistently allows marketers to establish baselines quickly and find success in their efforts to maximise impact. The disconnect between technology adoption and the return on investment is a persistent challenge for most organisations.

I recommend a three-point strategy. First, one needs to leverage product combinations and constantly evolve based on what is and isn’t working. Second, opt for the software designed to solve specific business platforms rather than a one-stop solution. And third, build competencies around technology content and the workflow to support the marketing strategy in your organisation.

Focus on ROI-efficient growth

Raviteja Dodda, CEO & Co-Founder, MoEngage

Raviteja-DoddaIncremental improvement is a low-cost, low-risk approach to process improvement in which the organization focuses on slowly and surely moving the business towards success. This is making small and continuous development without putting the company’s budget or sustainability under duress These improvements include product and process enhancements and even waste reduction and helps customer-facing employees make progressive improvements. Incremental improvements enable a business diversify its product lines, grow the existing markets, stay competitive and also use innovative technologies to make further inroads into customer lifecycle journeys.

Define your martech roadmap

Rami Deeb, Marketing Manager, Talkwalker

Rami-Deeb,-Marketing-Manager,-TalkwalkerMarketing budgets have been at their lowest levels in years. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to reassess existing martech stacks and resources for businesses to remain competitive and efficient. Having a clear and well-defined martech roadmap requires a cognitive effort and alignment across departments, rather than simply purchasing new tools when the need arises. The investment in both time and resources will surely be worth it.

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