Authentic Marketing Communication Is Prerequisite Amid the Pandemic

    Authentic Marketing Communication Is Prerequisite Amid the Pandemic (2)

    With human-centric approaches and genuine communication, businesses can come out successful from this phase

    With the increasing market uncertainty, brands are forced to rethink their business plans and market strategies. During a sensitive period, people positively look for content that provides them with a sense of trust and confidence – which can distract them from the existing disruptions around. Indeed, this crisis period calls for authentic brand communication.

    However, it is essential to realize the purpose of marketing communication now, ensuring that it makes sense to the target audience. Customers today need transparency as well as honesty like never before. Most of the business operations today are being managed from various regions and with more compassion and humility.

    Ultimately, there is no map or a precedent to navigate what the business world is going through. Patience and understanding of the fact that we live in a digital world with an abundance of martech tools for solving the bewildering challenges are needed. Thankfully it has enabled brands to continue effective communication with consumers.

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    Sadly, the same digital communication tools have prompted hefty COVID-19 related emails. According to Validity, one in 15 emails from businesses now has content related to COVID-19. And simultaneously, coronavirus-related spam has surged up to 14,000% within months, indicated the IBM X-Force study.

    Thus, businesses need to understand that this is not the time to gains clicks or attention. Simply put, only genuine context and awareness messages have touched a new level of significance in words that brands convey to their target audience.

    Hence, before sending out that “COVID-19 email”, brands need to have their intentions full of honesty and empathy – to sound concerned to a broader audience. For any organization, there cannot be any “business as usual” situation right now. It is crucial to listen to what the audience says, and thus, interactive, engaging content can make people feel connected with the brand.

    Lately, content with motivation and information to stay safe is the most preferred. According to a study by Twilio, about 37% of consumers revealed that when they get such recommendations, they feel more assured and interested.

    Marketers also believe a smart tactic could be tracking various social media channels to analyze consumer behavior for the upcoming marketing campaigns. In this essence, it is crucial to realize the channel preferences of customers.

    Nearly 83% of consumers prefer email communication from companies, claimed the same study. In fact, for urgent communications, customers choose 2.5x of text messaging over emails.

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    Undoubtedly, the primary key is to realize the urgency and making sure that it is aligned with the right marketing channel along with humanized content. Certainly, people will remember brands if they are treated with empathy during trying times. This will result in a priceless strategy for brands to retain consumer trust, faith, and respect and of course, loyalty for a much longer time.