VMF 2021: Speak Like a Leader

The name Simon Lancaster often rings a bell. A regular media commentator on communication and regularly appears in GQ, PR Week, The Mail, The Guardian, Total Politics and the BBC. Pumping our delegates and viewers at the 3rd Annual VMF Middle East, virtual edition, the leading global speechwriter who has written for top politicians and business executives talks about some speech writing secrets.

“As a thought leader or a C-suite executive, there are certain speech writing secrets you should be aware of. A secret language of leadership that we were taught in school. Well, there are six techniques to speak like a leader. Use Breathless sentences, repetitive sentences, contrast sentences, using metaphors sentences, exaggerative sentences, and rhyming sentences. If it rhymes, it chimes. It becomes easier to swallow and remember such sentences,” said Lancaster at VMF 2021, sponsored by Sprinklr.

When asked, create an impromptu speech on whether AI will sack marketers. The speechwriter responded, saying, “The pen, the printing press, or a television. Whenever a new technology has emerged, people have worried about their jobs. You don’t have to worry now. When new technology comes about, don’t worry; embrace it. It is going to take humanity to the next level. Human minds have been facing several issues, and AI is here to solve it.”

Lancaster signs off with the following statement, “Our jobs, our homes, our livelihoods, nothing is more important than people. Nothing is more important than looking after people. Nothing is more important than our communities. Instead of putting technology first, put people first. Think about what matters the most.”

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Written By: Khushbu Raval, Chandni U, Aarti Chawla 

Edited By: Soumyadeep Roy