VMF 2021: Lessons From The Digital-first Leader And Their Success Mantra

VMF 2021 Lessons From The Digital-first Leader And Their Success Mantra

Everybody knows the importance of digitisation and the digital transformation of a company. Hear it from the digital-first leader Perihan Abouzeid, Head of Marketing, Viu Middle East, who embraced marketing technology to fast track business growth. Their ability to leverage digital tools has become critical for businesses to survive the on-going crisis. Here are the unique insights, lessons that helped them unlock growth.

Sanjay Swamy: What does personalisation mean for an OTT player?

Perihan Abouzeid: It is the most complicated thing. Content, media, and the website is viewed differently by different people. The UAE, GCC and other arabic countries tend to see content based in theri languages and that’s exactly why personalisation is all important. 

Sanjay Swamy: What do you think should be the metric for customer-success on an e-commerce platform?

Perihan Abouzeid: Map out the user journey. Analyse the steps that users take, map user onboarding process, along with their likes and dislikes. Think about how easy it would be for them to browse products and buy them. Brands should know whether the customers’ credit cards are getting abandoned. The drop off rate of a customer for the products must also be observed.

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Sanjay Swamy: Talking about AI & ML, how do you think content creation being done through these technologies can create personalisation experiences?

Perihan Abouzeid: Users get recommendations for their streaming videos, songs to purchase products. From Netflix to Spotify to Facebook to Youtube – everywhere 100000 of data is getting uploaded in order to get proper recommendations. Data scientists are placing the algorithm in order to get accurate results for customers. 

Sanjay Swamy: Do you really think a roadmap is needed to bring the executive leadership up to date with business strategies? 

Perihan Abouzeid: Your executive leadership needs to be on board with digital transformation and looking at the data providing the proof. Most importantly, brands must come up with a solid roadmap. If leadership is not on the board, it will be an issue and it will face roadblocks on the way. Throughout my career, I have worked on hacks and experimentations on several occasions. Testing digitisation and then taking it to a bigger scale. 

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Written By: Khushbu Raval, Chandni U, Aarti Chawla 

Edited By: Soumyadeep Roy