Is Single Customer View the Future of CX?


Customers are more demanding than ever before, making Customer Experience (CX) a key differentiator to help brands stand apart. According to a recent study, 77 per cent of customers said they would take their business elsewhere if they received poor service.

What customers value most from companies is personalised service and a deep understanding of their needs. 

Yet, one of the toughest challenges for human-centred CX teams, in offering stellar experience is accessing holistic customer data. A Single Customer View, an aggregated representation of the data known about its customers, is vital. 

Marketing teams achieve a single customer view when they can:

  • Unify customer data across all internal systems
  • Capture each customer’s activities across all channels and devices
  • Use this information to engage with each customer across touch-points seamlessly

Silos often arise when companies add new customer service channels as discrete applications using different vendors that work in isolation to legacy systems. As a result, they are viewed independently rather than as part of a larger customer journey. Customer data orchestration solutions work to integrate diverse data sets and break down these barriers. The event is brought to you by Martechvibe in association with Tealium

Talking points:

  • How are companies addressing the rising customer expectations?
  • Does Single Customer View feed the engine that delivers meaningful CX?
  • CDP deployment best practices


Is Single Customer View the Future of CX?

The event will be held on June 22.