Are You Taking A New CX Approach for Gen Z?


Martechvibe asked six martech leaders how they are designing strategies to woo Gen Z and Millennials – the most demanding customers with the highest potential to be brand advocates and ambassadors.

Move over Millennials, Generation Z is now the group forming most brands’ target markets. Gen Z is a technology-native cohort with no tolerance for CX strategies other than omnichannel platforms, making it tricky for brands to serve to the best of their ability. They have their own demands, and companies worldwide are balancing acts to reshape and redesign customer experience practices to keep both sides happy.

With fast-altering customer needs and a dynamic market, brands are constantly looking for ways to satisfy their target consumers. In exchange for their loyalty, companies are willing to go above and beyond in experimenting with CX strategies. Here’s a look at what experts are doing to ace the CX game with young buyers:

Omnichannel and hyper-personalised experiences

Leo Dovbenko, CEO and Co-Founder of YallaMarketOmnichannel and hyper-personalised experiences are a must-have for Gen Z, says Leo Dovbenko, CEO and Co-Founder of YallaMarket. “In a few years, Generation Z will be the biggest customer base with a high purchasing power and huge potential,” he adds.

Dovbenko explains they thoroughly analyse Gen-Z’s expectations, needs, and consumer habits to deliver a good CX. YallaMarket re-launched several key online channels like Google Ads, TikTok, and App Store search ads in August 2022; and launched new channels for CPA Bloggers. “They have an important experience. Influence marketing with bloggers shows us good results, and we’re going to scale this channel,” he adds.

Umesh Chopra, Market Intelligence ManagerThe current average age for customers is on the higher side for the Sharjah Cooperative Society. Their Market Intelligence Manager, Umesh Chopra, says the new customers coming belong to a lower age bracket, and the brand is refocusing accordingly to serve the new audience better. “It is imperative to have different yet balanced strategies for our loyal (higher age) customers as well as new trialist (lower age) ones,” he adds.

Chopra adds that brands need to be active on traditional communication media such as phone calls and SMS while maintaining social like mobile apps. In-store experiences, too, count for vital strategies with a high Gen-Z customer base.

Do the job instantly

Khaled Nabhan, Head of Customer Experience at First Abu Dhabi BankExplaining the scenario in the banking sector, Khaled Nabhan, Head of Customer Experience at First Abu Dhabi Bank, says the new generation of customers wants their job instantly done without having to visit branches or spend time at a call centre. “Gen Z is looking for quick options like a mobile bank or a pocket bank,” Nabhan adds.

Zafeer Shamsudeen, Director of Sales and Marketing at Al RawabiZafeer Shamsudeen, Director of Sales and Marketing at Al Rawabi, says simply listening to Gen Z’s feedback and prioritising their needs can do the trick. Some of the values dear to this generation are sustainability, recycling, a green environment, natural products without GMO and artificial ingredients, and saving time during the busy day. “Gen Z, more than the Millenials, are the most demanding customers. On the other hand, they also are potential brand advocates and ambassadors. They can fasten up recommendations of a brand’s products and services.”

“Protein + Milk for young sports and health-conscious folks; Nutree boost laban with oats and probiotics for a healthy snack; meal replacement for teenagers and adults in a hurry – these are products with high impact from feedback from Gen Z,” adds Shamsudeen.

Measuring brand loyalty is one metric, explains Shamsudeen, but annual brand health tracker, usage, and attitude research are other important parameters besides daily retail audits and internal sales performance indicators.

Khaled Alaa El Din, Head of Experience at talabatGenZ is reliant on reviews and feedback for making a transactional decision. Khaled Alaa El Din, Head of Experience at talabat, says, “CX tools need to facilitate sharing this feedback directly on the platform, and easy visibility for all others’ feedback.”

GenZ is tech-savvy; they are well versed with technology and omnichannel, against millennials who have an experience of the world before digital services, El Din explains. For them, social media became second nature; sharing and posting became routine habits. “Providing the digital service itself ensures a good customer experience because of its very nature, compared to the classic version. However, CX lies in tailoring and personalising the experience for Gen Z as closely as possible.”

Vibha Thusu, their Global Head of Marketing & CommunicationsThough suiting GenZ remains the prime focus of brands, CX experts are designing their strategies depending on which customer segments they serve. HIMEL, a global manufacturer and provider of electrical products, approaches Gen Z-centric CX strategy differently. Vibha Thusu, HIMEL’s Global Head of Marketing & Communications, says the Gen Z of electricians, contractors, or original equipment manufacturers is still on the periphery of engagement on digital channels.

“Bringing them into the ambit, we are building a link between experience and value—on and off digital. We animated this approach in our recent campaigns. We leveraged field connections and digital campaigns to delve deeper into our customer’s journey—how we lower their efforts and cost to serve the end, enable their expertise, or make things seamless. Our approach is therefore multichannel and rooted in proactive customer engagement,” Thusu adds.

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