Is Customer Service the Ultimate Differentiator?


When marketers say the customer has the last word, the feedback is not limited to the product alone. Today’s customer is intelligent and forever on the move, balancing presence across multiple platforms with ease. How the marketer attends to the customer, to how they interact after the sale – everything can make or break a relationship. It’s crucial to underscore the importance of the marketers’ interaction with the customer. Every customer touchpoint becomes important for the marketer, as they are an opportunity for the customer to give his feedback. The customer bases his feedback on the kind of service he receives from the marketer. 

A happy customer is the most valuable asset for a marketer. Businesses can spend millions on innovating and marketing their products and plan how to scale to profitability and growth, but neither come without loyal customers who keep coming back, particularly during times when business is slow.  Those who manage to deliver exceptional customer service are always rewarded in the end. Marketers also know that the rise to the top can be long and often difficult. But, it’s always easy to slip and fall. One bad product or bad customer service can turn the tides against the marketer, and the carefully built reputation can be destroyed through negative word-of-mouth. 

With so much at stake, it’s not uncommon to see marketers struggling to find the perfect customer experience measurement and service solution to supplement their business. 

While many companies measure success with metrics like customer satisfaction (CSAT) or first-contact-resolution (FCR) scores, these often don’t provide a real-time or holistic view.

Superior customer service needs intelligent, automated solutions to help service agents meet the evolving customer expectations. Cutting edge digital customer service could automate simple inquiries and free agents to focus on higher-value service engagements. Intuitive self-service builds meaningful customer relationships as they find the relevant answers quickly.

Martechvibe in association with Oracle is proud to present the CXO – Think Tank, a series of virtual closed door meets designed to assemble top marketing and customer experience leaders.

The meet will have thought leaders and marketing gurus to deliberate on the importance of customer service and customer experience (CX). Some of the topics the panel will discuss and deliberate on include 

  1. Importance of omnichannel marketing optimisation. How important is it to keep tabs on customer touchpoints? Challenges to connect all customer touchpoints and service centres. 
  2. What impact does customer service have on a brand’s perception?
  3. How can marketers measure success? 

The think tank aims to encourage frank discussions amongst marketers to craft strategies that result in a better martech and CX strategy roadmap for enterprises. 

Join the discussion and find out how to use technology as a growth enabler at the CXO – Think Tank, a platform where the best marketing minds meet. The event is brought to you by Martechvibe in association with Oracle. 


Customer Service – The Ultimate Differentiator?

The event will be held on May 25, 2021. Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm GST