Interactive Content Also Works for B2B Marketing

Interactive Content Also Works for B2B Marketing
Interactive Content Also Works for B2B Marketing

B2B marketers often shy away from content that doesn’t fall within the specifics of their brief. However, interactive content is the edge that B2B is missing out on.

A multinational software company Citrix took product comparison content to a whole new level with their “GoToMeeting MVPs” campaign. A self-assessment is testing your/your company’s meeting habits; the campaign was a fun and smart way of indirectly letting its customers know that Citrix understood their daily pain points and had a good solution for them. Additional content at the end pushes the audience further down the sales funnel.

Citrix also created a fun, competitive-sports-style video featuring GoToMeeting MVPs for the campaign.

Usually, when we talk about B2B products and services, a bland, professional-looking interface with staid content comes to mind. Moreover, this image has been religiously upheld by the content creators and marketers in the B2B spectrum.

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While a lot of new brands and startups have started experimenting with their content, like Citrix did, most traditional companies shy away from diverging from the norm. They often worry that they will appear to be unprofessional or casual by experimenting with their content.

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One of the new emerging kinds of content in all industries is interactive content. It has proven to be a big hit with the audiences, and yet B2B marketers think that interactive content is not for them. There are various reasons for this thought process. Primarily, B2C marketers, who have spearheaded the process of bringing this type of content to the public eye, have done it in a manner which is unsuitable for B2B content. However, that does not say that interactive content cannot be employed to benefit B2B marketers.

Here are four reasons why, as a B2B marketer, you should invest in interactive content for B2B services:

1. Higher Engagement and Better Results

Interactive content is not just about looking better, it is also about better performance. According to the Interactive Content Study by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Ion Interactive 2017:

  • 87% of marketers say that it grabs the attention of the users more effectively than static content
  • 77% of marketers say that it has reusable value, which results in repeat visitors and multiple exposures
  • 73% of marketers say that it, along with other more traditional content marketing tactics, enhances message retention among their audiences.

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2. Content Differentiation in a Highly-Saturated Space

Content marketers often struggle to create unique and valuable content that enjoys a good reach. The reason being, the internet is flooded with the content of all sorts, and it is tough to stand out among the crowd. Interactive content can help with this predicament by giving you an edge over your competitors. By adding different quizzes, and guided eBooks, marketers can bring in a new audience for your unique and valuable content.

3. Fits Well in all Stages of the Funnel

Owing to its flexibility and appeal, interactive content fits well into all stages of the funnel. Its information-garnering quizzes can help with brand awareness and help bring in customers while informative tools such as infographics and eBooks can help retain loyal customers. This form of content is a win-win in all stages of the sales funnel.

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4. Exclusive Access to Users Data and Analytics

Most users are known to complete the interactive content flow when they start. This gives marketers exclusive access into the trends, patterns, user interest, and analytics over what works and what doesn’t. Most marketers underestimate just how robust this data can be which the users are willingly providing the brand, in exchange for quality content.

There are many reasons to opt for interactive content but, most importantly, it is the ROI that counts. It is known to perform well when compared to static content. Given its effectiveness, B2B marketers need to stop hesitating from adopting and reaping the benefits of this trend.