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Exceeding Expectations with CX Measurement

As the industry gravitates around Customer Experience (CX) for revenue growth, CX measurement becomes a vital element of business strategy The two foundations of customer...
Top 6 Middle East Retail Brands Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance CX

Top Six Middle East Retail Brands Using AI to Enhance CX

AI in the retail industry presents a host of features that tailors the customer experience throughout the journey. Let’s find out how some of...

11 Digital Trends Shaping CX and Marketing in 2021

Times, tastes and trends always change. We live in an era of digital Darwinism, the evolution of technology and markets and its impact on...

7 Strategies to Drive Business Growth Through Digital Experience Innovation

Disruptive technologies are accelerating and reshaping the evolution of markets while also influencing customer behaviours and expectations. New technologies are empowering customers to research...
Retail’s supply chain is broken and needs to evolve

Retail’s supply chain is broken and needs to evolve

The Covid-19 global pandemic has forced retailers in the UAE to stretch their supply chains and logistics in unprecedented ways. Whilst supplies of grocery...

Will Covid-19 be the springboard for Human-less Retail?

With many countries around the world still in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of my focus this month has been in...
Is B8ta Reimagining the Retail Store Model?

Is B8ta Reimagining the Retail Store Model?

Despite saying goodbye to nearly 60 physical stores across the Middle East in 2019, the region’s largest luxury distributor Chalhoub Group was delighted to... Data Compliance DMP

Piano Introduces Piano Zero, the DMP for a Cookieless Future

Piano, the leading subscription, data management and customer experience technology provider with over 300 major media clients, launches Piano Zero, an end-to-end solution that...
Customer Experience

Protect Your Consumer’s Experience

Your favourite social networks, online games, apps, and those of your children, are home to an alarming and growing number of in-network demeaning, destructive...
Statistics About Customer Data Platform For Marketing

Infograph: Stats About CDP Marketers Can’t Ignore

In today's business world, the challenge posed by complex customer relationships has encouraged brands to look at Customer Data Platforms (CDP) to help unify...

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